Ministry Background

Pakistan is situated in South Asia and shares its borders with China in the North; Afaghanistan in West; and few Central Asian States, Kaghistan and Uzbikstan in NorthWest; Iran in Southwest and India in the East. It came into being as a separate homeland for Muslims when India got independence from Britain in 1947. It comprises on 96% Muslims, 2% Christian and rest of 2%other communities.

Church in Pakistan exists for more than 150 years. Mission work in the field of education and medical services contributed greatly in the growth of the Church and Christian witness. It also earned much respect in the society for the quality of these services.

Due to cultural values and strong religious barriers the communication of true teaching about Christian faith was becoming gradually restricted. It created many misconceptions regarding Christian faith in majority community that caused a social barrier between Christians and Muslims. Thus the gap between two communities began to grow wider and wider. But thank God in-spite of this barrier the interest was still found in a large part of society to know and gain knowledge about the Bible and Christian beliefs.

This was the situation that moved a group of missionaries and Christian workers in 1957 to
start a Bible Correspondence School Ministry to promote the Biblical Teachings throughout the Pakistan.

In 1962 Rev. John W. Wilder, a Presbyterian Missionary, a devoted Bible teacher and evangelist, took a challenge to be a part of the new initiative, and started a center of Bible Correspondence Institute, Faisalabad; a third largest city in Pakistan in the province of Punjab.

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